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    British yellow flash in helmet

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    British yellow flash in helmet  Empty British yellow flash in helmet

    Post by Usall Fri Dec 21, 2018 6:29 am

    Hi everyone,

    Which brit unit does a yellow flash painted in interior of MK6a helmet belong to in the Army today?
    Thanks a lot


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    British yellow flash in helmet  Empty Re: British yellow flash in helmet

    Post by Fallschirmwomble Thu Nov 12, 2020 7:08 pm

    Hi Usall,

    If it's INSIDE the helmet, I'd guess that it could be something like a company recognition device. Something that might be called a "local" recognition device.

    In my battalion (Para), each company had it's own colour. We'd paint it on the labels along with our name or store number. Provided the kit remained within the battalion, it'd always be possible to sort the items by Coy. If kit gets lost, it'd find it's way to your Coy QM C/Sgt and he'd usually recognise the name and get it returned to you - for a drink (or few) or a forfeiture payment to regimental funds/charity!

    Kit that wasn't marked with a company colour would usually be lost. Either end up as a storeman's "buckshee" or end up on eBay (these days!).

    The problem you have is that there is no formal structure for these colours amongst the armed forces (that I know of, at least). Also, soldiers will often not reveal information on their company colours because it's a very effective way of catching out imposters who claim to have served in your Bn.

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