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    BATUS Parka


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    BATUS Parka Empty BATUS Parka

    Post by matchstick Tue Jan 24, 2023 2:57 pm

    Not the greatest quality pics as they're the ones I had from the eBay listing when I bought it and re-downloaded from FB messenger as I haven't got the hard drive from my old laptop to hand.


    From what I've gathered they were manufactured in a limited number on contract by a Calgary based firm for the British Army for the Training Unit at Suffield in Alberta. Troops that were considered entitled to the use of it for activities such as standing under a helicopter while its spinning up (or more often than not high ranking office wallahs and SNCO's who were well in with the stores) would sign them out for the winter period and then return them when the bad weather departed or their posting/detachment ended (not always the case).

    As they were only a limited production run and with people "losing" them they were like unicorn doo-doo to get hold of in BATUS when I was there in 2013 and sometime between then and 2019 when I had a second trip there some-one somewhere decided the new PCS layer system was suitable enough (must've either had a thing against mixed camo or was upset cos they couldn't get their hands on one) and banned them. This combined with the reduction in size of BATUS had the upside of a very finite number appeared surplus from ones that people had "lost".

    From accounts on the BATUS memories FB group these are rated for down to -40, much like the dew liner (issued as Coveralls, Technician, thermal). Material on the body is like a heavyweight '94 patt temperate fabric. The one here I have looks to have little use or was only utilised for walking from one building to another, my other one has several professional repairs and looks like it was used heavily either on the tank park or out on the prairie during the exercises. Asides from that the only other difference between my two are one has a zip on the rim of the hood for attaching a fur ruff (no idea what that would've looked like though as pictures of this parka in use are non-existent).


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    BATUS Parka Empty Re: BATUS Parka

    Post by Recon369 Sat Sep 16, 2023 11:49 pm

    Parkas would only be needed by the 200 or so personal that were posted here for a 2 year tour. Battle groups only run 6 weeks at a time from about the end of April to September early October, Parkas not needed.

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