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    Irish Stuff

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    Irish Stuff Empty Irish Stuff

    Post by TennoHeikaNate Sun Jan 21, 2024 10:34 pm

    Even though I already had a couple of threads from 5+ years ago, they had some old photos and info that I thought I'd just do a redo here (Thanks to Raptor and others!).
    I'm actively hunting for new and old Irish stuff, so I'll try to update this one regularly as I find more stuff!

    Starting off with the oldest, here's my set of the "85 Pattern" combat fatigues, as some collectors seem to have come to call it.
    This uniform replaced the copy of the British Pattern 60 olive uniform, allegedly from complaints mostly about the cut, wanting more pockets and better positioning of the tunic pockets to access whilst wearing web gear.
    Supposedly during the 80's as Ireland was getting ready to adopt new uniforms and gear, they had debated adopting a DPM type pattern that was similar but not identical to the British version, but was rejected in order to keep the appearance of the DFI distinct so as not to be confused with British forces.
    One comment on my IG post said one veteran recalled seeing multiple examples of the DPM trials uniforms around, but most were disposed of after it was rejected. If anybody has any photos or knows anything else about those DPM trials I'd love to see them!
    Another comment on another forum I read from a Reserve veteran said he had saw at least one of these uniforms still being worn on exercise as late as 2006.

    Irish Stuff Irish_12

    Finer details, starting with the tunic. This particular tunic is a first year (1985) issue, made by Westport Clothing (Now Portwest Ltd.) and ranked to a Pvt.
    The uniform in general retains many features of the previous P60 uniform, the tunic has:
    -A heavy duty front zip and exposed button storm flap.
    -Large button epaulets for the webbing yoke.
    -Two button lower hem pockets
    -The two chest pockets were turned to slanted, vertical zipper "Napoleon" pockets to allow access under yoke straps.
    -Button cuffs, reinforced elbows, and drawcord waist and hem
    -A button up collar and button removable hood (Sadly missing from mine)
    -And five interior pockets, including two chest and three very large "poacher's pockets" along the interior hem.

    Irish Stuff Irish_10
    Irish Stuff Irish_11
    Irish Stuff Irish_10
    Irish Stuff Irish_12
    Irish Stuff Irish_11

    These trousers, on the opposite side, are unissued and of the last (that I'm aware of) known year of production, 1999.
    These were made by the Irish branch of the Norwegian company Wenaas Workwear, which from what I can find was located in Bellefield in Enniscorthy and also made uniforms for the Garda, but closed down the following year.
    Also very similar to the P60 trousers, these mostly just added additional features on:
    -Added a second leg cargo pocket.
    -Slash hand pockets.
    -Zip fly with button waist.
    -Large, but permanently sewn belt loops.
    -Button field dressing pocket.
    -Reinforced knees, and interior buttons and loops for suspenders.

    Irish Stuff Irish_14
    Irish Stuff Irish_13
    Irish Stuff Irish_15
    Irish Stuff Irish_17
    Irish Stuff Irish_18
    Irish Stuff Irish_16
    Irish Stuff 1-jan-10
    Irish Stuff 1-jan-12
    Irish Stuff 2_brit10
    Irish Stuff 3dc34a10
    Irish Stuff 3-mar-10
    Irish Stuff 4-apr-10
    Irish Stuff 5_fiel10
    Irish Stuff 5-may-10
    Irish Stuff 6-jun-10
    Irish Stuff 7-jul-11
    Irish Stuff 7-jul-10
    Irish Stuff 8-aug-10
    Irish Stuff 1992_f10
    Irish Stuff 18584210
    Irish Stuff 18584312
    Irish Stuff 18584311
    Irish Stuff 18584310
    Irish Stuff 23619710
    Irish Stuff 59418410
    Irish Stuff 54415110
    Irish Stuff 59418110
    Irish Stuff 93417810
    Irish Stuff 16547810
    Irish Stuff 56417410
    Irish Stuff 57174410
    Irish Stuff 59451810
    Irish Stuff Cover-12
    Irish Stuff Cover-11
    Irish Stuff Cover-10
    Irish Stuff Dfi_ha10
    Irish Stuff Ei_m8510
    Irish Stuff F28a3910
    Irish Stuff Fca_at11
    Irish Stuff Fca_at10
    Irish Stuff Fca_at12

    Next, a basic Working Dress Uniform short sleeve shirt, dated 1994.
    Irish Stuff Irish_19
    Irish Stuff Irish_20
    Irish Stuff 9-sept11
    Irish Stuff 9-sept10

    Here's a "Franklin" uniform jacket, a near identical copy of the French F1 uniform made briefly from around 1995-1999 for UN deployments to Lebanon and Cyprus, replacing the old UN issued "Norwegian Bush" uniforms before being replaced with the standard IP-DPM uniforms.
    This particular one has had its name tape removed, but still has patches for an Lt. who deployed with the 84 Irish Batt., which from what I can find was deployed to Lebanon in 1999 where one Pvt. Kevin Barrett was killed.
    It seems it was popular to cut these jackets into short sleeves, or maybe there was factory made short sleeve version, I'm not sure.

    Irish Stuff Irish_21
    Irish Stuff Irish_22
    Irish Stuff Irish_23
    Irish Stuff Irish_26
    Irish Stuff Irish_24
    Irish Stuff Irish_25
    Irish Stuff Irish_28
    Irish Stuff Irish_27
    Irish Stuff 81_inf10
    Irish Stuff 81_inf11
    Irish Stuff 30244010
    Irish Stuff Hand_o10
    Irish Stuff This_i11
    Irish Stuff This_i10
    Irish Stuff This_i10

    Now this one is a bit of a mystery. I've seen several of these shirts and rarely trousers, and the British seller I got this from said he used to have quite a few of them.
    It's a standard first model IP-DPM shirt with the front chest velcro rank strip, but made in French CCE fabric, by Seyntex in 1998.
    As I understand, 1998 was the first contract year for IP-DPM, but some have argued that the DFI trialed French CCE before choosing the IP-DPM.
    Others have argued that these uniforms were simply factory uniform samples provided for the DFI for final cut acceptance, using French CCE fabric they had on hand to reduce cost before starting production on the actual IP-DPM uniforms.
    If anybody knows which, if either of these claims are true, I'm very interested in finding out!

    Irish Stuff Irish_30
    Irish Stuff Irish_29
    Irish Stuff Irish_31

    This confounded mystery uniform, made by Seyntex in 2002. It's in the standard IP-DPM cut of the time, but in plain olive green.
    It was listed and sold to me as an "Equitation School uniform", but I haven't seen a single photo of one of these uniforms being worn, and I've never seen another one.

    Irish Stuff Irish_34
    Irish Stuff Irish_33
    Irish Stuff Irish_32
    Irish Stuff Irish_36
    Irish Stuff Irish_37
    Irish Stuff Irish_35
    Irish Stuff Irish_38
    Irish Stuff Irish_39
    Irish Stuff Irish_40

    And to end for now, all the IP-DPM I've gathered thus far!
    Starting with a basic shirt, missing tag but based on the cut seems to be a 2001-2009 type. Velcro for name tape and *had* a small tricolor flag.

    Irish Stuff Irish_41

    Second shirt, dated 2008 from Carra/Seyntex.
    Irish Stuff Irish_42
    Irish Stuff Irish_43

    Summer ripstop trousers, tag missing.
    Irish Stuff Irish_44
    Irish Stuff Irish_45

    And last for now, an Operational DPM Smock, made by Seyntex in 2015.
    Irish Stuff Irish_47
    Irish Stuff Irish_48
    Irish Stuff Irish_46
    Irish Stuff Irish_49
    Irish Stuff Irish_50
    Irish Stuff Irish_51
    Irish Stuff Irish_52


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    Irish Stuff Empty Re: Irish Stuff

    Post by OzCam Fri Feb 02, 2024 7:40 pm

    Top post, bud, very detailed.

    PS: I've seen a photo of the new multi terrain pattern. It's not bad. Has the FF in the pattern and all.

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    Irish Stuff Empty Re: Irish Stuff

    Post by Camonut314 Fri Feb 02, 2024 10:34 pm

    Love the Franklin uniform! That's gotta be majorly rare! And it seems you have some digging to do on it. I also think they were used by the Irish deployed to Somalia (all my ref. pics are on my computer at home, unfortunately), unless I am mistaken.

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    Irish Stuff Empty Re: Irish Stuff

    Post by idiot88 Sat Feb 03, 2024 12:20 am

    Is that Mel Gibson?
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    Senior Sergeant

    Name : Nate
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    Irish Stuff Empty Re: Irish Stuff

    Post by TennoHeikaNate Sat Feb 03, 2024 4:14 am

    Thanks guys!
    @Bernard, I haven't seen the new multi terrain pattern, has it already started being issued or are they still working on producing it?

    @Camonut, good call! Prior to this the only photos of the Irish of UNOSOM I saw were wearing US supplied DBDUs in 1993, but it seems in 1994 they had either Franklin uniforms, or perhaps actual French F1's as I believe the Irish replaced the French contingent.
    Irish Stuff 31-08-10
    Irish Stuff Irish_53
    Irish Stuff Irish_54

    @idiot88 Yep! That's Mel with Irish FCA reservists who were allowed to grow out beards and play as English, Scottish, and Irish soldier extras, filming in The Curragh in 1994. FCA reservists also played extras in Saving Private Ryan.

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    Name : Bernard
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    Irish Stuff Empty Re: Irish Stuff

    Post by OzCam Sat Feb 03, 2024 4:47 pm

    TennoHeikaNate wrote:Thanks guys!
    @Bernard, I haven't seen the new multi terrain pattern, has it already started being issued or are they still working on producing it?


    It's very difficult to get any hard & fast answers. It seems to be in production, but if there's a fielding plan nobody's talking about it yet. I also heard that a lot of the uniform is being redesigned to be a more modern cut, but again I guess we'll have to wait and see.

    I really thought the DF should have jumped in to the Nordic uniform project, but at least some of the purchasing decisions lately have been for "better" rather than "cheapest" so hopefully the new uniform might be an improvement. Historically the DF have been glacially slow at adopting good ideas from elsewhere, but that seems to be changing. A lighter weight fabric for overseas missions would be a start.

    Will we see the new uniform at the Easter Parade, I wonder?
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    Irish Stuff Empty Re: Irish Stuff

    Post by Raptor Sun Feb 04, 2024 10:41 am

    Hi Guys. I haven't posted in a while but now seems the perfect time to jump back in Very Happy .

    To clarify. The "Chocolate chip" Desert Camo uniform issued to No1 Transport Company in Somalia in 19993 was not supplied by the US but actually manufactured in the UK. Unfortunately I don't have one of those Uniforms in my collection but there was one of those uniforms on display in the Tailors shop in the Barracks where I trained as a recruit and I was surprised to see the country of origin on the tag.

    As for the Franklins. No2 Transport Company were originally supplied with the Chocolate Chips but following an incident where they were fired upon by local Militia mistaking them for US Forces the decision was made to reach out to the French Foreign Legion. with whom the Irish shared a camp in Baidoa, for an emergency supply of their F1 Uniforms. Following a subsequent decision by the UN to cease supplying the "Bush greens" uniforms for the UNIFIL mission the decision was made to copy the F1 Uniform and issue it as the warm weather overseas uniform. This lasted from 1995-1999.

    As for our new Uniform system. DFCCS (Defence Forces Combat Clothing System) in the Crye designed ITMP (Irish Transitional Multicam Pattern). it is not being manufactured yet. Nowhere close to being. The Uniform system only went out to tender in September. The start of a four stage competition. We are currently in the middle of stage two with contracts not expected to be awarded until the end of December this year. With the sheer volume of items to be procured and manufactured delivery is not expected before the end of 2025 with early 2026 being likely.

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    Irish Stuff Empty Re: Irish Stuff

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