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    31st Air Defense Artillery Brigade


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    31st Air Defense Artillery Brigade Empty 31st Air Defense Artillery Brigade

    Post by AndrewA74 Sat Nov 21, 2009 7:40 pm

    31st Air Defense Artillery Brigade 31ADABdeSSI 31st Air Defense Artillery Brigade 31ADABdeDUI
    Patch and Distinctive Unit Insignia

    On order, the 31st Air Defense Artillery Brigade deploys to a Theater of Operations in support of the III Armored Corps, conducts decisive air and missile defense operations, and redeploys.

    The 31st Air Defense Artillery Brigade was constituted on 1 January 1918 in the National Army as Headquarters, 31st Heavy Artillery Brigade, Coast Artillery.

    Rapidly transitioning into World War I, the Brigade earned four battle streamers for participation in the campaigns Aisne-Marne, Oise-Aisne, Meuse-Argonne, and Champagne 1918. The unit was demobilized at Fort Lewis, Washington on 30 June 1921.

    In 1942, the Brigade reorganized and was redesignated as Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 31st Anti-Aircraft Artillery Brigade as part of the coastal air defense stationed on the west coast. The Brigade was later deployed to the European Theater where it participated in and earned three more battle streamers for campaigns in Rome-Arno, Southern France, and the Rhineland. On 30 June 1946, the Brigade was deactivated at Laned-Sebold, Germany.

    Following World War II, the Brigade underwent a series of activations and deactivations, reorganizations, and deployments. In response to the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Brigade formed with nine Hercules and Hawk battalions defending southern Florida from attack by Cuba and the Soviet Union. On 30 September 1979, the Brigade was deactivated at Homestead Air Force Base, FL.

    On 1 April 1988, the 31st Air Defense Artillery Brigade was officially activated at Fort Hood, TX, to support III Corps. In February, 1996, the brigade once again received movement orders, this time to Fort Bliss, TX.

    The Brigade consists of a Headquarters and Headquarters Battery; 13th Maintenance Company; 518th Maintenance Company; the 1st Battalion (Patriot), 1st ADA; the 3rd Battalion (Patriot), 2nd ADA; 4th Battalion 200th ADA (Avenger NG New Mexico), 3rd Battalion 265th ADA (Avenger NG Florida), and the 745th Forward Surgical Team. The 31st Combat Support Hospital, a unit of the 1st Medcal Brigade, 13th COSCOM, supports the 31st ADA, at Fort Bliss.


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