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    Need help restoring PASGT kevlar helmet

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    Need help restoring PASGT kevlar helmet Empty Need help restoring PASGT kevlar helmet

    Post by DS9ACU Sun Dec 13, 2009 10:59 pm

    Hi everyone, about a year ago I bought about 4 PASGT helmets. I kept one and sold the other three. I was going to sell the fourth but decided to keep it. Now the issue of repairing it comes into play. The problem with it is that the A-nut screws have broken off and are stuck inside the holes. I've tried prying them out with almost every tool possible. So my question is have any of you ever had a similar issue and if so what did you do. Also does anyone know where I can get new screws and A-nuts if and when I get the pieces out. Thanks.

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    Need help restoring PASGT kevlar helmet Empty Re: Need help restoring PASGT kevlar helmet

    Post by jj Sun Dec 20, 2009 7:53 pm

    Knock them out with a hammer and punch;that's what I did when a screw broke off in my issue k-pot years ago.

    "Commandos" off- post at Ft Benning has replcement parts for helmets,both k-pots and ACH. I dont have a card for them,but a Columbus GA yellow pages search will find them.

    Remember,you cant do much to "hurt" this stuff,esp. helmets. Altho they are in a "collection" now,at one time they were actually used,and,put thru much worse than a small scratch or two you may put in a helmet fixing it.

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