Sritex's New Uniform

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    Sritex's New Uniform Empty Sritex's New Uniform

    Post by Arie on Sat Feb 20, 2010 1:31 pm

    Today I visit Sritex (one of biggest fabrics and garment manufacturer in Indonesia)

    firstly nothing caught my attention, because I only buy some fabrics to create camouflage uniform.

    and manager comes to me ask

    Manager : Hi, do you interest in military uniform?
    Me : Yes, I really interested in it, I also making some uniform for my friend. I also know some camouflage uniform
    Manager : Wow, looks like you really have an experience, here, I'll show you something.
    Me : *just follow him without any interest Sad, he bought me to their warehouse
    Manager : It's our new sample, this jacket are ordered from foreign country.

    He hand over me 2 plastic, and I opened it, fistly I really didn't have any interest in it. but really ... I repeat things inside are REALLY makes me interested. I saw its shoulder first bag its a flag with 3 colours, I recognize it! its one of Netherlands smock in DPM! I'm not sure which kind is it but I'm sure its a kind of Netherland Smock, I'm not so enthusiast when I see it, I open the second plastic bag.

    when I open, once again I see flag patches at its shoulder, this time flag was blue with yellow cross. ITS NO NEED A LONG TIME FOR ME TO RECOGNIZE IT! ITS M90 FALTJACKA OF SWEDEN!!! JACKET THAT I SEARCH EVERYWHERE IN EVERY INTERNATIONAL FORUMS FINALLY I FOUND IT ONLY 80km FROM MY DORMITORY!
    (sorry for the caps lock, I really very enthusiast to tell about it -_-)

    It's cut is correct, I see its labels, and I see the same one that I see at Danilo's collection.
    but when I ask "would you please to sell it to me?"

    Manager : Sorry, its only sample, I only could sell it when we have produce it massively for Sweden.

    and I ask about to take its picture, but unfortunately, he couldn't give its permission, I only go home with a dream of my most wanted uniform, and I can't stand to wait its production.

    just want to share something.


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    Sritex's New Uniform Empty Re: Sritex's New Uniform

    Post by Philip on Sat Feb 20, 2010 2:03 pm

    I am not so surprised that you found an M90 jacket in your country. Lots of uniforms are made in Asia...
    Check out for Swedish field jackets!

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    Sritex's New Uniform Empty Re: Sritex's New Uniform

    Post by Camosaurus on Mon Feb 22, 2010 10:40 am

    I think the present Swedish jackets are contracted in Sri Lanka. Take your time you will also find one!

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