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    Patch Alignment

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    Patch Alignment Empty Patch Alignment

    Post by APreston Wed Nov 09, 2011 4:30 pm

    Since I've been unable to find any solid example pictures to clarify this, I turn to my fellow collectors for help:

    As I've mentioned in passing a few times, I've been working for a little bit on making a fully patched 1st Paratrooper/Raider Battalion (Special Forces) kit. With much thanks to zvezdah1 I've found the patches, but I don't know how everything is supposed to be worn. Specifically, I have the following questions:

    • Is the flag worn on the patch shoulder above the patch, or on the opposite shoulder?
    • Besides the personal name-tape, is there any other tape worn?
    • Does the Greek Army wear rank on the camouflage uniform and if so where?
    • Do the wings go over the right or left breast pocket?

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