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    WW2 USMC Headgear


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    WW2 USMC Headgear Empty WW2 USMC Headgear

    Post by 1stDivVet Thu Jan 26, 2012 6:11 am

    My WW2 USMC hat, helmets, and caps.

    Early Dress Blue Enlisted Man's Hat
    WW2 USMC Headgear PICT0021WW2 USMC Headgear PICT0023WW2 USMC Headgear PICT0025

    Dress Greens Overseas Cap with cutter tags
    WW2 USMC Headgear PICT0030

    Khaki Overseas Cap with plastic EGA
    WW2 USMC Headgear PICT0027

    HBT Overseas Cap
    WW2 USMC Headgear PICT0029

    HBT utility cap. Made from USMC HBT material
    WW2 USMC Headgear PICT0026

    Fixed bale M1 helmet with camo hbt cover.
    WW2 USMC Headgear PICT0009WW2 USMC Headgear PICT0010WW2 USMC Headgear PICT0011WW2 USMC Headgear PICT0012WW2 USMC Headgear PICT0013


    If i'm the stupid one, why do they have a book with pictures of the militaria and I have the real things??

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