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    Spanish M65 (M1 ) Military Police

    Easy Gee
    Easy Gee

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    Spanish  M65 (M1 ) Military Police Empty Spanish M65 (M1 ) Military Police

    Post by Easy Gee Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:54 pm

    Hi All.

    Here's a Spanish  M65 (M1) Military Police shell from my collection, no liner sadly!

    I have sympathetically restored this one as it was in a bit of a state,but the chinstrap which is unique to this model of Spanish M1 is in very good condition.

    Of note is the lack of a rim on the shell which is a standard feature,overall very similar in profile to the US version.

    One day I hope to source a suitable liner, but I am in no rush,as I enjoy the prospect of uniting lost parts!

    Enjoy and feel free to comment.Wink 

    Spanish  M65 (M1 ) Military Police Dsc08812Spanish  M65 (M1 ) Military Police Dsc08813Spanish  M65 (M1 ) Military Police Dsc08814Spanish  M65 (M1 ) Military Police Dsc08815

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