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    Vests in Desert Storm

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    Vests in Desert Storm Empty Vests in Desert Storm

    Post by Camonut314 Mon Dec 23, 2013 9:28 pm

    Alright, this question has been itching at me for some time ever since I found this vest in my local surplus store. The vest is a "Harris Assault vest", produced by Eagle Industries. However, it is tagged with the label from the company US Cavalry, a well known military distributor. Now normally this is not that big of a deal, however I have heard hearsay that US Cavalry supplied some equipment to the US Armed forces during Desert storm. Not only that, but the vest has buckles dated 1991! Now I know that supposedly the only vests used during this time period by US forces were the AVA LBV and prototype LBV 88's, but does anybody have any idea weather any of these Harris assault vests possibly made it over there?

    Thanks, and here are some photos of the vest:
    Vests in Desert Storm Dscn7810
    Vests in Desert Storm Dscn7811
    Vests in Desert Storm Dscn7812
    Buckles (yes they are 1991 dated)
    Vests in Desert Storm Dscn7813
    Vests in Desert Storm Dscn7814
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    Vests in Desert Storm Empty Re: Vests in Desert Storm

    Post by bravo_2_zero Wed Jan 01, 2014 8:09 pm

    Looks almost like a clone of the South African recce vest.

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