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    Mauritius National Coast Guard Patch

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    Mauritius National Coast Guard Patch Empty Mauritius National Coast Guard Patch

    Post by Salvage Sailor Sun Aug 31, 2014 5:36 pm

    Aloha Everyone,

    Something different, I picked this up as an unknown a while back.  The motto is a bit unraveled which inhibited identification but here it is.

    The Crest of the National Coast Guard comprises :
    A STAR and KEY, symbolizing the historic role of Mauritius as key of the Indian Ocean.
    A SEXTAN, symbolic of sea-going navigation,
    An ANCHOR, symbolic of seafarer, his solidarity and reality,
    A SEA HORSE, symbolic of vigour, sprightliness, beauty and agility.
    The upper background being green representing Mauritius as an island, rich prosperous, vibrant and protected by her marine and the lower portion being blue symbolizing the vast expanse of the Ocean surrounding.
    IN HOC SIGNO VINCES = Under This Sign We Conquer

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