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    Korean war M1


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    Korean war M1 Empty Korean war M1

    Post by austromunga Wed Dec 17, 2014 5:41 pm

    Hi all
    here's my latest purchase...  I believe it to be a Korean war era M1... it's a rear seam swivel bale with a 51/52 Westinghouse CAPAC liner, with green webbing (nape strap is missing and suspension is cut) and a replacement 70's sweatband, liner has several thick coats of paint with sand texture added , liner strap in brown leather with a black buckle, chin straps are WW II khaki bar stitched type with brass hardware (with nice patina), it came with a late WW II USMC repro helmet cover...but under this I discovered a non stainless rim repainted shell with a nice hand painted 2ND Rangers lozenge insignia!!
    heat stamp is I think 1246 F (lots of paint have made it very hard to read!!)

    Korean war M1 Imag0320

    Korean war M1 Imag0321

    Korean war M1 Imag0322

    Korean war M1 Imag0323

    Korean war M1 Imag0328

    Korean war M1 Imag0324

    Korean war M1 Imag0325

    Korean war M1 Imag0326

    Korean war M1 Imag0327

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