Help identifying greasing device?



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    Help identifying greasing device?

    Post by bjigler on Sun Sep 22, 2013 11:19 pm


    I am new to this militaria collecting stuff, so if I look stupid for not knowing exactly what this is, try not to laugh too hard (lol).

    At the local flea market, I bought one of these. The guy who sold it said it is a machine gun greasing device. There's still grease in it (I can hear it when I shake it). I'm trying to find some specifics on it: the name of it, who used it, when it was used, how much it's worth, etc. It looks like a WWII thing so that's why I'm posting here but I could very well be wrong. I tried to google some info but any keyword that involves "wwII" and "grease" only pulls up pages about the "Greaser Gun", which is not what what I'm looking for. If anyone could help my find some information, that would be very much appreciated.


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