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    Swedish 1967 camouflage test


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    Swedish 1967 camouflage test Empty Swedish 1967 camouflage test

    Post by henrik_clausen Sat May 30, 2015 2:28 pm


    In 1967 the Swedish armed forces (FOA (1945-2000) = Försvarets forskningsanstalt = Defence Research Establishment) conducted at test of different uniforms (published in "FOA Tidningen, Årgång 5, nr 2, Juli 1967"). A number of man shaped targets were dressed in the uniforms and placed in the edge of a wood. First a some soldiers noted in which order they observed the targets. After that some soldiers fired at the targets - the number of hits in each target gave the probability of being hit.

    Translation of the text to the left of the targets:

    The bars to the right shows the probability of being hit for the targets above. The target to the left "wears" the old "greybrowngreen" field uniform, the next figure the same uniform but camouflaged with a pattern in blue. Number three from the left is camouflaged using a conventional foreign camouflage pattern, while the target to the rights are wearing FOA's combat uniform with a camouflage pattern working both on close and far distances. As can be seen the probability of being hit is six times lower than for the target number 2 from left.

    Swedish 1967 camouflage test Foa_camouflage_test

    The Swedish test is descriped in a document published by the Danish Defence Research Institute from 1971. The Danish report was examining the camouflage effect of new and used plain green M/58 uniforms - as well as some camouflage patterns (the US ERDL and the British DPM). Unfortunately the reprint of the Swedish uniforms is very lousy in the original Danish document so it is hard to tell exactly which uniform is the "conventional foreign camouflage pattern" (my guess would be the US ERDL) and the "FOA pattern". Do you know if the "FOA pattern" is the Barracuda pattern?

    Thank you for your help!

    Best regards

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    Swedish 1967 camouflage test Empty Re: Swedish 1967 camouflage test

    Post by CollectinSteve Mon Jun 08, 2015 12:45 am

    Hi Henrik!

    Fascinating. So the Swedes toyed with the idea of moving to a camouflage uniform as early as 1971, but it did not make the switch until much later. I've made more comments in your Danish trials post:



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