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    Junior Sergeant

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    Camo!  Empty Camo!

    Post by Armymanevin Sun May 29, 2016 11:23 pm

    Hello I am probably a very minor collector compared to most of the collectors out there but I have to start somewhere!

    I am just looking for anything in the following camouflage patterns.

    East German Blumentarn
    ADPC or DPDU (Australian)
    Bulgarian 5 color woodland
    Canadian Items in General
    Finnish M91 or M05
    Hungarian Swirl
    Desert Vegetata (Italian)
    Norwegian M80
    Polish Moro
    Polish Wz2000
    Slovenia Camo (Dessert or Woodland)
    Spanish Woodland
    Belgium Leibermuster
    German Dots and Saw tooth Patterns
    Spanish 5 color jigsaw
    Spanish Mountain pattern
    Lithuanian Woodland
    Swedish Barracuda
    Any pattern from Albania
    Czech Clouds Pattern
    Czech Leibermuster
    Any Macedonian Pattern
    Yugoslavian Mountain pattern
    Polish Finger Camo
    any Belarussian Camo
    any Latvian Camo

    Some of these patterns are pretty rare and I don't expect to get this list ever all crossed off but it is nice too have dreams and goals. and even if you have something that is not on the list pm me pics I will still probably buy it haha.

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