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    Disposable snow camo


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    Disposable snow camo Empty Disposable snow camo

    Post by CollectinSteve Tue Jan 24, 2017 11:37 pm

    I found a batch of these for sale on German eBay.  It's a disposable, light weight, small volume white "plastic" suit made from a material similar to Tyvek.  The sort of environmental protection clothing you might find for doing things like spray painting, sand blasting, etc.  Consists of zip up hooded top and trousers.

    It is being sold as "snow camouflage", which it very well might be.  It could also be some sort of environmental protection suit, though I don't know why they would produce their own instead of buying off the shelf.  In my view this is an "emergency" disposable snow camouflage set.

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