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    F1 Pack Contents


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    F1 Pack Contents  Empty F1 Pack Contents

    Post by fallout Sat Oct 07, 2017 1:48 am

    Hello all! Its been awhile since I posted, but I had a question. I just today got my French F1 Duffel Bag, and I was wondering what was suppose to go in it? I also have an F1 Rucksack that I wonder what goes in it.

    So first off the Duffel Bag - Sac à Dos F1:

    Inside it is a flap, on the outside is a small pocket on the bottom waterproof area, and then there is the removable top compartment with a zipper. I would assume the toiletries would go in this top compartment for ease of access but I am not sure. Also would the sleeping bag ever be attached to this? It doesn't have any rings to strap it to that I can see. Any packing list or just a list of items that would normally be carried? I wish to get all of the contents to fill it up properly for early 80s era.

    Secondly the Rucksack - Musette de Combat F1:

    On the inside it is divided into 2 compartments, and then it has one external pocket closed with Velcro just under the flap. There is also a pocket on the back side. On the top it has rings for you to attach the sleeping bag. On the bottom it had a set of 2 straps and then another set of 2 straps with a canvas box thing, no idea what any of the straps on the bottom are for, anyone know? So same as above, anyone have a packing list or any idea what would be kept in it? Details are most important, one of my french friends said that the poncho, chemical suit, and rations would be kept in it, but didn't know what else.

    Anyways thanks for any help you can provide.
    Sergeant Major
    Sergeant Major

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    F1 Pack Contents  Empty Re: F1 Pack Contents

    Post by belgium_one Sun Oct 08, 2017 3:38 pm

    Hello Very Happy

    used during "Operation Serval" 2013

    F1 Pack Contents  270259serval2013

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