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    British RAF MK4 Jacket

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    British RAF MK4 Jacket  Empty British RAF MK4 Jacket

    Post by CaptainForrest Fri Dec 29, 2017 5:40 am

    didn't see a topic about this jacket so made one unless i missed it. just bought this flight jacket for under $200 has a slight slit in the sleeve will have to repair that its Goretex and FR i was suposse to get the american mcps bomber type jacket but too pricey and could not find my size, as well with other items like aor2 stuff couldnt find my size at all. apparently this is the new flight jacket i was told, has a flap inside for the pants goes under ur crotch area black lining inside only has 2 pockets 1 padded pen pocket holder and a hidden hood on the outside of the jacket that zips out. has a waist adjustment but everytime i pull it it just loosens up after gotta figure that out i was told to tie it maybe? big collar and some weird velcro opening on it as well

    British RAF MK4 Jacket  26197410

    British RAF MK4 Jacket  26105310

    British RAF MK4 Jacket  26177010

    its nice except for the occasional cold air going up my back lol probably gonna get a fleece shirt for it the british one with a long back to tuck inside.

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