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    My Brit Kit


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    My Brit Kit Empty My Brit Kit

    Post by TennoHeikaNate Sun Jan 08, 2023 7:37 am

    Since the UK topic has so many pages of threads I'll certainly be keeping everything I get in this one thread.
    Again I have mostly Cold War/90's era stuff but a couple of WW2 and 00's/10's pieces mixed in there, nothing outstandingly rare
    but some fun stuff nonetheless.
    I'm not super familiar with British equipment and uniforms, especially the designations of the DPM uniforms, so let me know if I get anything wrong.
    I'll also try to go easy on the reference pics unless I have some particularly interesting ones, and I apologize in advance if I accidently post any personal photos
    that the owner would rather not be put out.
    I'll try to keep some order to it, but no guarantee's!
    Anyway, let's get started!

    First is an M1907 SMLE bayonet with leather/metal scabbard, made by Wilkinson in 9-1918.
    My Brit Kit Britis25
    My Brit Kit Britis26
    My Brit Kit Britis27
    My Brit Kit Britis28
    My Brit Kit Britis30
    My Brit Kit Britis29

    My No.1 Mk III* SMLE, made by BSA in 1940.
    My Brit Kit Britis31
    Home front snipers IIRC, the man on the left has a No. 1 Mk III.
    My Brit Kit 15611110

    A seemingly unissued pair of windproof brushstroke camouflage trousers, made by S. Boder & Co. Ltd. in London in 1943.
    Now if only I could find the smock!

    My Brit Kit Britis32
    My Brit Kit Britis33
    My Brit Kit Britis34
    Harry Furness, a British sniper late in WWII, with his No. 4 MK. I (T), ghillied helmet, and brushstroke windproof suit.
    My Brit Kit Harry_10
    My Brit Kit 71206110
    British soldiers of the 3rd Green Jackets Regiment exercising on a mortar range at Goshi; Cyprus, early 1960s.
    My Brit Kit Briti224
    My Brit Kit Sas_wi10
    My Brit Kit Unname12
    My Brit Kit 431_1110
    My Brit Kit 431_1111
    My Brit Kit Briti225

    A 4-1952 RO&CO C made shell, 1977-1980 dated lining Mk. V steel helmet, which curiously looks like it was painted red at one point and painted over with OD,
    but a large red band still remains on the rear. A training example? Anybody know what it might signify?

    My Brit Kit Britis35
    My Brit Kit Britis36
    My Brit Kit Britis37
    My Brit Kit Britis38
    My Brit Kit Britis40
    My Brit Kit Britis39
    My Brit Kit Britis42
    My Brit Kit Britis43
    My Brit Kit Britis41
    My Brit Kit Britis44

    Another 1952 Mk. V with 80's retrofitted lining, named to a "Vickers" and "Tony Barber", this time with a net and a 1944 dated
    War Office, Army Medical Department issue Shell Dressing.

    My Brit Kit Britis45
    My Brit Kit Britis47
    My Brit Kit Britis46
    My Brit Kit Britis48

    A 1965 jungle hat, can't quite read or remember the maker, "Sanders" something. Old pics I need to retake.
    My Brit Kit Britis50
    My Brit Kit Britis49

    Now, some 58 Pat webbing I put together piece by piece.
    A "Mk. I" canvas S6 respirator bag, dated 1967. This was the first Brit item I ever got, and probably the 2nd military item I ever got
    when I was a kid.

    My Brit Kit Britis51
    My Brit Kit Northe10

    1980 dated belt.
    My Brit Kit Britis53
    My Brit Kit Britis52

    1989 dated pouch with later black plastic Osprey canteen (2016) and cup (2004).
    My Brit Kit Britis54
    My Brit Kit Britis55

    1987 dated Cape Carrier or "Bum Roll".
    My Brit Kit Britis56
    My Brit Kit Britis57

    Yoke, named to a Warley but the stamp is worn away.
    My Brit Kit Britis58
    My Brit Kit Britis59

    1979 dated Field Pack, with some sort of inventory sticker still attached despite being named to at least 2 or 3 different blokes.
    My Brit Kit Britis62
    My Brit Kit Britis60
    My Brit Kit Britis61

    I neglected to take individual pics, but I later got some kidney pouches and a pair of left and right ammunition pouches (after customs confiscated the first
    right hand pouch I ordered). I also have an L1A3 bayonet on there I'll cover next.

    My Brit Kit Britis64
    My Brit Kit Britis65
    My Brit Kit Britis63

    A former L1A1 converted A3 L1 SLR bayonet and scabbard, made by ED in 1958.
    My Brit Kit Britis67
    My Brit Kit Britis66
    My Brit Kit Britis68
    My Brit Kit Britis70
    My Brit Kit Britis69

    I picked up a pair of S6 respirators, one GD 4/1968 and one GD 6/1977 at least according to the head harnesses.
    They also came each with 1977 dated rubberized nylon carriers, albeit one much dirtier than the other.
    No filters, but one bag still had a pair of DIPCO 1978 gloves and some anti-fog paste and cloth, although the seller removed at least one item from the kit
    so customs wouldn't seize it.

    My Brit Kit Britis71
    My Brit Kit Britis72
    My Brit Kit Britis74
    My Brit Kit Britis73
    My Brit Kit Britis76
    My Brit Kit Britis75
    My Brit Kit Britis77
    My Brit Kit Britis79
    My Brit Kit Britis78
    My Brit Kit Britis80
    My Brit Kit Britis81
    My Brit Kit Britis82
    My Brit Kit Britis83
    My Brit Kit Britis84
    My Brit Kit Britis85
    My Brit Kit Britis87
    My Brit Kit Britis86
    My Brit Kit Dsbfhy10
    My Brit Kit 12729210
    My Brit Kit A_brit11
    My Brit Kit 15473310
    My Brit Kit 15505110
    My Brit Kit 15636510
    My Brit Kit 15636511
    My Brit Kit 16027810
    My Brit Kit 16525610
    My Brit Kit A_volu10
    My Brit Kit Nato_e10
    My Brit Kit No1_mk10

    A 1968 Pattern DPM uniform, with smock, trousers, and forage "crap" cap according to one UKAF wiki.
    Under what circumstances would this forage cap be worn? I've seen a number on the market but only have maybe one actual
    usage photo of one, it seems berets are far more popular. Are they more of a cadet item?

    My Brit Kit Britis90
    My Brit Kit Britis88
    My Brit Kit Britis89
    My Brit Kit Britis91
    My Brit Kit Britis92
    My Brit Kit Britis95
    My Brit Kit Britis94
    My Brit Kit Britis93
    My Brit Kit Britis96
    My Brit Kit 1b2a7410
    My Brit Kit 1_para10

    A (77 Pattern?) DPM para smock, insignia sadly removed.
    My Brit Kit Britis97
    My Brit Kit Britis98
    My Brit Kit Britis99

    An 84? Pattern DPM uniform. The smock is patched and named to a Cpl. Lappin.
    My Brit Kit Briti102
    My Brit Kit Briti101
    My Brit Kit Briti100
    My Brit Kit Briti103

    85 Pattern desert DDPM uniform in the standard pattern.
    My Brit Kit Briti106
    My Brit Kit Briti105
    My Brit Kit Briti104
    My Brit Kit Briti107
    My Brit Kit Briti226

    A couple of shirts, a pair of trousers, and an empty CBA vest cover in the "sparse" 85 Pat DDPM.
    My Brit Kit Briti110
    My Brit Kit Briti108
    My Brit Kit Briti109
    My Brit Kit Briti113
    My Brit Kit Briti111
    My Brit Kit Briti112
    My Brit Kit Briti114
    My Brit Kit Briti115
    My Brit Kit Briti116
    My Brit Kit Briti117
    My Brit Kit Briti119
    My Brit Kit Briti118
    My Brit Kit 2nd_ma10
    My Brit Kit 5th_ma10
    My Brit Kit 14th-210
    My Brit Kit Briti227
    My Brit Kit Briti228
    My Brit Kit Sparse10
    My Brit Kit Tony_b10
    My Brit Kit Tony_b11

    A 94 Pattern temperate weather DPM smock and trousers. This smock was the first DPM I ever got many years ago.
    My Brit Kit Briti121
    My Brit Kit Briti120
    My Brit Kit Briti122
    My Brit Kit 95566210
    My Brit Kit Briti229

    A 1979 Pattern fragmentation vest, still with the armor. The cut out portions of the tag shows perhaps it wasn't surplused in the most legal manner.  My Brit Kit 1f606
    My Brit Kit Briti125
    My Brit Kit Briti123
    My Brit Kit Briti124
    My Brit Kit Briti126
    My Brit Kit Briti128
    My Brit Kit Briti127
    My Brit Kit 56464510
    My Brit Kit 63155610
    My Brit Kit 15616510
    My Brit Kit 51618610
    My Brit Kit 15567010
    My Brit Kit 61651410
    My Brit Kit 15069710
    My Brit Kit 15069711
    My Brit Kit 16640410
    My Brit Kit Briti230
    My Brit Kit Glassm10
    My Brit Kit The_tr10
    My Brit Kit Two_me10
    My Brit Kit 2nd_ba10

    A pair of DMS ''Ammo'' Boots in decent condition, although I can't quite read the contract date in my photo.
    Also, a pair of the "short" wool puttees, which were surprisingly annoyingly hard to find.

    My Brit Kit Briti131
    My Brit Kit Briti129
    My Brit Kit Briti130
    My Brit Kit Briti132
    My Brit Kit Briti133
    My Brit Kit 51754610
    My Brit Kit 90775710

    Smock, Combat, Windproof Arctic, with remains of what looks like a Royal Navy or Royal Marines rank sticker on the front tab.
    My Brit Kit Briti135
    My Brit Kit Briti134

    A pair of Arctic Windproof Combat Trousers, together with the above smock.
    My Brit Kit Briti137
    My Brit Kit Briti136
    My Brit Kit Briti138
    My Brit Kit Briti139

    Another Smock, Combat, Windproof Arctic, seems to be an older production one without a rear rank tab and the older style of tag and size.
    My Brit Kit Briti141
    My Brit Kit Briti140
    My Brit Kit Briti142
    My Brit Kit Briti143

    Parka, Man's, Cold Weather, missing the liner unfortunately.
    My Brit Kit Briti144
    My Brit Kit Briti145
    My Brit Kit Briti146
    My Brit Kit Briti147

    Cold Weather Pile Cap. The infamous "Dangerous Brian" hat, according to Vtower.
    My Brit Kit Briti148
    My Brit Kit Briti150
    My Brit Kit Briti149
    My Brit Kit Briti151
    My Brit Kit Briti152
    My Brit Kit Briti153
    My Brit Kit 1st_ju10

    A pair of Mittens, Inner, Arctic, Mk. 2.
    My Brit Kit Briti155
    My Brit Kit Briti154

    DPM Suit Protective NBC No. 1, Mk. III, made by Remploy in 1984. To my understanding these DPM Mk.III suits weren't made for very long
    between the previous OD version and the Mk.IV suits that came out in the late 80's IIRC.

    My Brit Kit Briti157
    My Brit Kit Briti156
    My Brit Kit Briti160
    My Brit Kit Briti158
    My Brit Kit Briti159
    My Brit Kit Briti162
    My Brit Kit Briti163
    My Brit Kit Briti161
    My Brit Kit Briti164
    My Brit Kit Briti165

    Smock, Windproof, Cadet Forces. Seems to date to the 80's and replaced a previous OD pullover/anorak type smock, but apparently
    had no matching trousers to it.

    My Brit Kit Briti167
    My Brit Kit Briti166

    Jacket, Aircrew, Combat, Temperate, MK2A dated 1998 and Trouser, Aircrew, Combat, Temperate MK 2A dated 1993.
    My Brit Kit Briti169
    My Brit Kit Briti168
    My Brit Kit Briti170
    My Brit Kit Briti171
    My Brit Kit Briti172
    My Brit Kit Briti173
    My Brit Kit Tsgt_j10

    Jersey, Mans, Heavy Wool, Round Neck, Olive.
    My Brit Kit Briti174

    Tropical DPM shirt, ranked to a LCpl.
    My Brit Kit Briti175

    M1973 ''Dan Dare'' AVC Helmet.
    My Brit Kit Briti177
    My Brit Kit Briti176
    My Brit Kit Briti178
    My Brit Kit Briti179
    My Brit Kit Briti180
    My Brit Kit Briti181
    My Brit Kit Briti182
    My Brit Kit 20190310
    My Brit Kit 14928010
    My Brit Kit 16616410
    My Brit Kit Rapier10

    Unissued pair of 218X Panorama Goggles.
    My Brit Kit Briti183
    My Brit Kit Briti184
    My Brit Kit Briti185
    My Brit Kit Briti186
    My Brit Kit Briti187

    Mk. II Gaiters.
    My Brit Kit Briti188

    Mk. VI General Service Combat Helmet, dated 2006. The sticker just happened to finally lose its stickiness right when I got it, and luckily it fell between
    the shell and padding to catch it.

    My Brit Kit Briti189
    My Brit Kit Briti190
    My Brit Kit Briti191
    My Brit Kit Briti192
    My Brit Kit Briti193
    My Brit Kit Briti194
    My Brit Kit Briti195
    My Brit Kit Briti196

    Unissued "Northern Ireland" chest rig. Missing the snap-on radio pouch as most seem to be.
    My Brit Kit Briti198
    My Brit Kit Briti197
    My Brit Kit 1st_ba10
    My Brit Kit 22nd_s10
    My Brit Kit A_brit10
    My Brit Kit Rig310
    My Brit Kit Patrol10

    Now, some random PLCE bits I've thrown together. Still a work in progress to make a proper loadout.
    Belt, 2004.

    My Brit Kit Briti199
    My Brit Kit Briti200

    Entrenching Tool Case Carrier, 2004.
    My Brit Kit Briti201
    My Brit Kit Briti202

    Holster, Other Arms, Seyntex 1995. Missing the flap as are basically all of the ones in the US.
    My Brit Kit Briti204
    My Brit Kit Briti203

    Universal Ammunition Pouch, 1997. Only have one. The right pouch was redesignated to hold first aid items.
    My Brit Kit Briti207
    My Brit Kit Briti206
    My Brit Kit Briti205

    Utility pouches, the dirty one is dated 2005.
    My Brit Kit Briti210
    My Brit Kit Briti208
    My Brit Kit Briti209

    Carrier, Water Canteen, 2007.
    My Brit Kit Briti212
    My Brit Kit Briti211

    Yoke, tag missing. Am I correct in that the "Rocket Yoke" is the version with zippers on the sides of the back panel to
    attach the side pouches off the rucksack?

    My Brit Kit Briti213

    And the odd ensemble all together. I plan to at least get a rucksack, S10 respirator with the bag, bayonet frog, and another ammunition pouch.
    My Brit Kit Briti214

    Old pic of my Soldier 95 Training Shirt.
    My Brit Kit Briti216
    My Brit Kit Briti215

    Old pic of my plain S95 trousers.
    My Brit Kit Briti217
    My Brit Kit Briti218
    My Brit Kit Combat10

    S95 shirt named to MacGilp, 2nd Signal Brigade (National Communications), Royal Army Medical Corp.
    My Brit Kit Briti219

    I believe a Soldier 95 type Windproof Smock.
    My Brit Kit Briti220

    Now, here I get confused on TRFs. Here's a Scottish woodland S95 shirt, patched to a member who was in the 16th Air Assault, Princess Louise's Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders,
    and what seems to be either the Black Watch, 3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland or Royal Highland Fusiliers, 2nd Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland (2 SCOTS),
    which I'm unsure of since from what I read it looks like the last two shared the same TRF.
    I also read they were folded into the Royal Scottish Regiment in the late 00's along with several other Scottish regiments.

    My Brit Kit Scotti10

    Another Scottish S95 shirt, this time desert with an ISAF patch, 19th Light Brigade, and again what seems to be a Black Watch or Royal Highland Fusiliers TRF that I'm unsure of.
    My Brit Kit Scotti11

    And to finish for now, an MTP CS95 shirt, patched to a Bradley of 2 PARA, 16th Air Assault, velcro ISAF patch missing.
    With some cheeky "artwork" on the tag.

    My Brit Kit Briti223
    My Brit Kit Briti221
    My Brit Kit Briti222


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    My Brit Kit Empty Re: My Brit Kit

    Post by matchstick Sun Jan 08, 2023 3:15 pm

    In regards to the forage cap, which in the 90's onwards and current MTP version is labelled Cap Combat Camouflage but more colloquially referred to as the crap hat it's most often seen being sported by P Coy recruits until they earn the maroon beret. In the early models like the one you have with your P.68 stuff whatever they used in the peak (cardboard I believe) has a terrible tendency to get all puffy and useless when exposed to anything wet.

    There is an old 70's or 80's para documentary where one of the DS wears it on an ex and I'm sure if you look through enough equally old back issues of Soldier magazine there'll be pictures of troops wearing them, I personally like them because for the UK and parts of Europe they are more practical for wear and stuff in a pocket better but my experience has been that most troops have some kind of natural hatred for them and much prefer the wearing the "bush" hat, but only when they've done that "ally" thing of tailoring the crown and trimming the brim down thus rendering useless for its intended purpose. On several occasions on exercises using the combat cap I've been told to remove it and wear either my helmet, a bush hat or nothing at all. Usually the former and the latter as I keep my bush hat in its original out of the packet combat sombrero condition which equally annoys those above me.

    Some brilliant period pictures of bits in use you've got there, that one with the brush stroke windproof smock tailored with a full length zip is something I've not seen done before.

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    My Brit Kit Empty Re: My Brit Kit

    Post by M55q Mon Jan 09, 2023 5:20 pm

    Some great period photos!
    I especially like the gas masks and protective equipment Smile

    It is always interesting to discover what gas mask carriers hide. I once bought a Swedish gas mask bag - complete with all contents. Even the atropine auto-injector. When I was 12... To this day I still can't believe that I didn't accidentally inject myself.

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    Lieutenant Colonel

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    My Brit Kit Empty Re: My Brit Kit

    Post by mylle Mon Jan 09, 2023 6:36 pm

    Thanks for another great post. Funny way to carry the shell dressing under the helmet net. Never saw that before.

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    My Brit Kit Empty Re: My Brit Kit

    Post by TennoHeikaNate Mon Jan 09, 2023 11:50 pm

    Thanks guys!
    @matchstick, thanks for the info! I thought I had at least one more photo of the forage caps but I'll have to do some surfing and find some more.
    I also thought I had more pics of the windproof smocks in the postwar period but I'll have to search later to see if I have any more. From what I've heard, adding zippers to them was a common postwar modification, especially among the Rhodesian SAS. They certainly aren't cheap these days!
    My Brit Kit Pink_p10

    @M55q, yeah these days it often gets hard to even find the proper bag for a mask, let alone the accessories, so I was happy to get that pair of S6's with the extras even though it cost a fair bit.
    @Alex, I thought I had at least one photo of someone wearing one like that, but I'll have to do some more searching. I got the helmet like that so I just left it there in case it was original. Either way it works well; that extended rear brim of the Mk IV/V makes a decent little "shelf" to stow things on under the net!

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    My Brit Kit Empty Re: My Brit Kit

    Post by ripcord Tue Jan 10, 2023 7:39 pm

    Another thorough and interesting post.  You  constantly add value to this forum and I thank you for it.

    Love the SAS display and particularly love that pink LR..

    Have quite a bit of UK kit as well. One of my favorite is a mint Brushstroke set I received in the early '80s.  It has been modified with a front zipper and a luminescent tab sown into the back at bottom of hood.
     Likely modified for post war use but never issued.  These uniforms were used well into the '70s and beyond..   I believe some SAS actually wore these during Desert Storm.

    These uniforms were also sent as military aid to the French forces in Indochina and favored by French Paras ( and my favorite French officer, then Col. Marcel  Bigeard ). Notice French Para beret on my friend..

                                                                                                                   My Brit Kit 20221113

                                                                                                                  My Brit Kit Tumblr10

    Another favorite is this unissued and mint Type 58 web gear.

                                                                                                                     My Brit Kit Dscn1043

                                                                                                                    My Brit Kit Dscn1044


    Name : Nate
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    My Brit Kit Empty Re: My Brit Kit

    Post by TennoHeikaNate Wed Jan 11, 2023 2:53 am

    Rip, thanks a ton for your comment, really appreciate it!
    Another awesome display, that windproof set is beautiful, and I've never seen a smock before that had a luminescent tab sewn on. I've seen a few pics of the French wearing the windproofs but the one you posted was a new one to me, thank you for sharing those.
    And what a beautiful set of P58! I had a hell of a time importing half of my set, especially after customs confiscated my first right ammunition pouch. There were a few other pieces of the P58 I want to add for completionist sake, like the e-tool, compass pouch, holster, binocular case, and "socket, rifle support".
    Image courtesy of http://webbingbabel.blogspot.com/search/label/Pattern%2058
    My Brit Kit Briti231

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    My Brit Kit Empty Re: My Brit Kit

    Post by ripcord Wed Jan 11, 2023 4:08 am

    My pleasure for sure !!   You consistently contribute what must be for you quite time consuming posts.   That requires passion, and you certainly have passion.

    The Brushstroke is one uniform that just freaks me out whenever I look at it. Freaks me out in a good way.. It looks like it could have been made a month ago.  It's incredibly fresh and has not suffered aging at all.
    I've had it since the mid '80s and if I did not know better, I would think it a repro..The only flaw is a missing tag on the top, but it is obvious to me it is a matching set in every other way.

    Type 58 webbing came from the same source.  He was also my early Spanish source, and my Rhodesian source.  Great contact, sadly gone to the big PX in the sky..
    I've got some more T 58 gear, but in the usual faded conditions.  Good luck finding those obscure pieces...


                                                                                                                   My Brit Kit 20230120

                                                                                                                  My Brit Kit 20230119

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    Name : Nate
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    My Brit Kit Empty Re: My Brit Kit

    Post by TennoHeikaNate Sun Sep 10, 2023 1:10 am

    A quick addition, a newer style OPFOR blue DPM combat shirt.

    My Brit Kit Briti233
    My Brit Kit Briti234
    My Brit Kit Briti232
    My Brit Kit Briti235
    My Brit Kit Opfor_22
    My Brit Kit Opfor_23
    My Brit Kit Opfor_24
    My Brit Kit Opfor_27
    My Brit Kit Opfor_25
    My Brit Kit Opfor_26
    My Brit Kit Opfor_28

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    My Brit Kit Empty Re: My Brit Kit

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