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    My Belgian bits


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    My Belgian bits Empty My Belgian bits

    Post by matchstick Mon Jan 23, 2023 7:10 am

    After a bit of faffing I think I've come up with a solution to my new laptops refusal to bring up the attach pictures bit.

    Starting off with the variations on a theme Belgian para smocks.

    Album 1: 56 dated brown canvas sandbag looking affair, got a size 5 that looks to have been misprinted as a size 3 and label amended and a size 3 with a 44 scribbled out next to the label. Only took a picture of the label on the size 3 as apart from that (and the difference in dimensions to the 5) they're identical.


    Album 2: size 4, 56 dated zip front brush stroke. Not sure what the buttons on the epaulettes indicate and the beaver tail/donkey flap is secured with some very fiddly factory fitted lift the nipple studs to the outside of the smock back. Cuffs of the sleeve appear to have been tailored shorter at some point in its life, pockets are button closed but all buttons were missing when I got it.


    Album 3: Another 56 dated size 4 zip front brushstroke, this time with stud close pockets. puller on the zip was missing so can't tell the brand of this one, jerry rigged a new puller with some old trip flare wire, normal studs for the beaver tail although its missing off this one and unlike the other one would secure to the inside of the smock back if it wasn't missing.


    Album 4: 54 dated M&B, as I was using this one for a short period as a normal wearing out and about I patched some tears in the cuffs with fabric from a post war Brit Denison smock that was beyond salvaging and fitted a slotted button from some Canadian army trousers belt loop onto the pocket with a broken stud and a piece of NBC-500 to the zip. This one has also had the beaver tail cut off at some stage of its life.


    Album 5: Another 54 dated M&B. Asides from the colour not being as washed out, a different manufacturer, the opposite pocket to the one above being broken, a different zipper and the beaver tail being present they are otherwise the same so I didn't take as many pictures of this one. Beaver tails secured to the outside of the back with normal studs.


    Album 6: 58 dated jigsaw, button front closure and pockets, beaver tail secure to inside of the back. No size on the label


    Album 7: Another 58 dated Jigsaw, this one zip front closure and button pockets. Couple of period repairs to the cuffs and one pocket using M&B material and label showing size otherwise the same as the other one.


    Album 8: 73 dated Jigsaw half zip, only one I have although from what I've seen of other ones dotted around the internet there's no variations that I've been able to distinguish on these ones. Beaver tails been cut out but apart from that and the name on the label no other damage to it.


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