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    Belgian WW2 bits...

    Brigade Piron
    Brigade Piron

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    Belgian WW2 bits... Empty Belgian WW2 bits...

    Post by Brigade Piron Mon Jun 06, 2011 9:22 am


    Belgian WW2 bits... DSCF1095
    Found in Dunkirk (missing liner) but structurally sound...

    Belgian WW2 bits... IMG_4520
    Helmet, cap badges (UK-made version, German p/w made and Belgian pre-wars) and Fusileer bn "Belgie" shoulder title (1944/5)

    Belgian WW2 bits... IMG_4522
    I can attribute this particular one to the 2nd Fusileer Bn in UK from where it was found. It's quite rare to find a real (UK made one) - most were made in Belgium after the war so a shame about its condition...

    Belgian WW2 bits... IMG_4514

    Inside of Helmet:
    Belgian WW2 bits... DSCF0944

    My latest acquisition, this is a fragment of BD blouse with the insignia of the Piron Brigade (post 1944)

    Belgian WW2 bits... DSCF1483


    Tyler Flint
    Tyler Flint

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    Belgian WW2 bits... Empty Re: Belgian WW2 bits...

    Post by Tyler Flint Mon Nov 14, 2011 3:59 pm

    Nice Smile

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