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    NZ Stuff Empty NZ Stuff

    Post by TennoHeikaNate Sat Mar 30, 2024 9:37 pm

    Just some NZDF stuff from over the years, not nearly as much as I'd like to have unfortunately.
    First up, the infamous brushstroke camouflage "waterproof" mittens, which I first posted on another thread years ago.
    One of them was sewn inside out with the shiny waterproofing side outwards.

    NZ Stuff New_ze10

    Circa 1980, the first NZDPM uniforms began being issued, dubbed the "1st Winterweight Pattern/Uniform". These were nearly identical in appearance to the British P68 uniforms as the fabric came from the UK and was the same type used for their P68 DPM uniforms.
    "Scorpion Crew Commander Barry Hemopo died when the tank driven by Damien Nepata flipped and exploded into flames from an untightened petrol cap."
    The commander appears to be wearing a first pattern winterweight here, despite these events taking place in the 1990's IIRC.

    NZ Stuff Crew_c10

    Then in 1984, the Kiwi's began making their own P68 DPM uniforms, but this time produced and printed the fabric and pattern themselves, resulting in the 2nd Winterweight pattern/uniform.
    The NZ printed DPM is immediately recognizable compared to the original British print, and much more closely resembles the weird fading and UVing colors that British tropical DPM uniforms get, but even then is still distinct.
    Here's a 1984 dated 2nd pattern set, smock sadly missing its tag and button removeable hood.
    Unfortunately, 80's photos of NZDF troops wearing DPM are highly elusive to me.

    NZ Stuff New_ze17
    NZ Stuff New_ze19
    NZ Stuff New_ze18
    NZ Stuff New_ze21
    NZ Stuff New_ze20
    NZ Stuff New_ze22
    Photo from the Gulf War, not sure which type he's wearing.
    NZ Stuff Operat10

    The also somewhat infamous DPM wool "Swanndri".
    The Swanndri or "Swannie" is a long wool, usually thigh length hooded pullover worn by all manners of Kiwi outdoorsmen, from bushcrafters, farmers, hikers, foresters, hunters, and the like.
    Olive green swannie's were a common private purchase item for Kiwi troops throughout the 70's-90's as previous issue DPM winter kit wasn't well liked, so apparently the NZDF thought they'd be clever and make their own issue version.
    This was the result; rather than a pullover it has a button and zip front, two button chest pockets hidden under a thick shoulder cape, button adjustable cuffs, a button removeable hood, and an elastic button throat tab. The parka is also additionally lined with cotton.
    Apparently, the overbuilt end product was much more like a parka and was often far too thick and bulky for effective field use, so the NZDF axed it and began selling them off as surplus after only a mere ~two years of issue from 1998-2000 and went instead with a British windproof style smock.

    NZ Stuff New_ze12
    NZ Stuff New_ze11
    NZ Stuff New_ze13
    NZ Stuff New_ze15
    NZ Stuff New_ze14
    NZ Stuff Nzdf_d10
    NZ Stuff Damien10
    A Kiwi M203 grenadier wearing one of the olive private purchase Swannie's.
    NZ Stuff Nz_sol10

    The NZDPM windproof parka/smock.
    I seem to have lost the tag pic, but this example came from an NZ Air Force veteran and was dated 1997, curious as it was issued concurrently with the DPM Swanndri.
    It it cut heavily after the British windproof smock, with a wire framed hood, four button front pockets, button cuffs, and waist and hem elastic drawcords.
    However, it also has a downward facing rank loop, no epaulets, two arm pockets, and two additional zipper pockets behind the chest pockets.
    There were also versions of this parka printed in desert DPM.

    NZ Stuff New_ze16
    NZ Stuff Ak_09-10
    NZ Stuff Nz_def10

    A basic pair of 1990's lightweight tropical DPM trousers. Tag did not betray a date.
    NZ Stuff New_ze23
    NZ Stuff Operat10
    NZ Stuff Royal_10
    NZ Stuff 88163810
    NZ Stuff Black-10

    An NZ DDPM shirt. This one came from an Afghan vet I believe, and used to have the flag and Kiwi patch on the left sleeve but were all removed as keepsakes by the original owner.
    The tag was also removed, sterilizing this shirt. It does stand out compared to the normal British S95 DDPM shirt with its covered pocket buttons and tortoiseshell looking buttons.

    NZ Stuff New_ze24
    NZ Stuff 599fc810
    NZ Stuff _nz_de10
    NZ Stuff 378bc510
    NZ Stuff 62593110
    NZ Stuff 62606110
    NZ Stuff 62988710
    NZ Stuff 64222010
    NZ Stuff 64319610
    NZ Stuff 64351010
    NZ Stuff 64367510
    NZ Stuff 64394710
    NZ Stuff 64568810
    NZ Stuff 64769310
    NZ Stuff 64878410
    NZ Stuff 14983510
    NZ Stuff Afghan10

    An MCU bush hat I got from a US Marine who traded it with a Kiwi soldier on a joint exercise. Very well used, tag washed out, but the name and number are still written on the interior map pocket flap.
    NZ Stuff New_ze26
    NZ Stuff New_ze25
    NZ Stuff 753_4210
    NZ Stuff D4354e10

    And last for now, for fun, a US PASGT helmet cover made out of original MCU fabric, sent to me by Merk.
    NZ Stuff New_ze27

    I hope to add to this thread in the coming days, but for now, enjoy!

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