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    Nam stuff

    Delta 66
    Delta 66

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    Nam stuff Empty Nam stuff

    Post by Delta 66 Tue Jul 26, 2011 5:50 pm

    Been a while since I posted up on here....

    Got these all as a lot from a Op shop. Saw the M7 Bayonet (Conetta) in their counter cabinet & the lady asked if I was also interested in looking at some smelly army gear out the back they haddent washed yet....

    Nam stuff 031-1
    Lazy dog bomblets & the Aussie SLR bandoler were in the butt pack

    Nam stuff 034-1

    Nam stuff 032-1

    Nam stuff 030-2

    Odd thing out for me with this lot is the M14 ammo pouch (Not complaining mind....)

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