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    Prisoner KZ armband


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    Prisoner KZ armband  Empty Prisoner KZ armband

    Post by William_Blond Wed Oct 06, 2010 3:42 pm

    Hi all !!

    Two years ago, i bought a armband that supposedly, the salesman said that it was original. And he said that this armband was bought by him from Poland, and came from some polish ghetto.

    I show the armband on my spanish forum, and the other users said to me that these armband were fake. The second day i gave back this armband, and i recovered my 90€.

    I've got the pictures that i did that day.

    What's your opinion about this armband ?? my opinion is that his object is fake the 99,99% !!

    Prisoner KZ armband  95132233.th Prisoner KZ armband  59158347.th Prisoner KZ armband  87041691.th Prisoner KZ armband  84596444.th

    Name : Mateusz/Mathew
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    Prisoner KZ armband  Empty Re: Prisoner KZ armband

    Post by casper_platoon Wed Oct 06, 2010 3:57 pm

    Well if he realy bought this in Poland- that`s 100% fake, unfortunatelly they are very common fakes on every flea market in Poland, they cost approx 40-60$.... So very sorry but it is a FAKE Sad

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