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    British Para, Wearing Canadian Airborne Red Leaf Wings.

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    British Para, Wearing Canadian Airborne Red Leaf  Wings. Empty British Para, Wearing Canadian Airborne Red Leaf Wings.

    Post by Spañiard Fri Apr 22, 2011 11:04 am

    In 1975 a British Para Unit deployed to participate in exercises with the Canadian Airborne Regiment aka CAR,
    in Canada a trended that has existed through the decades. Through the years numerous British Para came to Canada
    to qualify in a Basic CF. Jump Course, 15 Days, 10-5, 5 jumps. American Airborne or SF. have also participated
    in Canadian J Course, however the wings the Americans wear is not the same as the British they're issued once
    qualified. Even though the differences in both wings, one thing will still remain the same, all CF. Wings have
    a Red Maple leaf except the ones issued post War till 68 which had a Goldish Maple leaf.Only CAR is allowed to
    wear Silver aka white Wings on their Chest!

    However from 1975-79 some British Para had been issued a Completely subdued Combat CF. Wings.

    Looking for British Para that qulifide in Canada from 1975-79, what wings were you Presented
    once qualified and handed your CF. Certificate in Canada? Red Dress Wings Or Subdued.

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