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    NVA Pith Helmet


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    NVA Pith Helmet Empty NVA Pith Helmet

    Post by 1stDivVet Tue Apr 26, 2011 1:58 am

    Picked this up last year at the local flea market. Think I paid 5 or 10 bucks for it.. it wasn't much.. Liner is about shot and the cloth cover is stained, but it was cheap and it's a real one!!


    NVA Pith Helmet Nvapith

    If i'm the stupid one, why do they have a book with pictures of the militaria and I have the real things??
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    NVA Pith Helmet Empty Re: NVA Pith Helmet

    Post by DS9ACU Thu Apr 28, 2011 2:17 am

    Very cool always loved this helmet. Any better quality photos, I would like to see the inside and also is there any kind of mark to show the year etc. Just saying that their are so many copies out now, there all over the streets of Vietnam for about 3-5 dollars each.

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