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    about german helmet parà previously


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    Post by AENEAS Sat Nov 05, 2011 9:05 am

    Steve,sorry for delay answer about german helmet parà of the post(now I'dont see more in this forum Question ).
    I answer howewer.

    I have many books on german helmets and above all I was lucky to can handle some original helmets of this type at my friends collectors.So I could examine them.
    The helmet of the guy ii a copy made in Germany I think.I myself had two helmets of this type for reanacting show.
    First of all,you can note the little quality and the grossness of the inner.Besides the proportions are much more voluminous such as those of the shockproof bearing;The chin strap is much ticker and most of all much stiffer of the original(this thing is not due to the time but it is due to the material used and to the seams).In the originals the chin strap are very soft and well-finished.
    I enclosed some photos.In the first,that comes from an italian forum,you can see an original helmet.You can compare the inner.Then I added the pic of the mine chin strap that I had repcad for the my repro helmet.
    I still have one of these helmet repro but just now it is not avaible because I gave it to a friend to sell it at the market.I think to take it back Sunday,because my frien didn't get to sell it like a copy.So I will to post it afterwards.In the meantime I added an another photo took out from ebay,of this type repro.
    I know a seller that if he is lucky to find these helmetes original in cellars or garrets,he wont't them to italian collectors but directly in the USA.So he makes money 30-40% extra.In Italy foughr three german parà division.
    I believe that the seller of the f
    ake helmet had used acid and other corrosive materials to age the helmet and he left it to rust.


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    Post by CollectinSteve Thu Nov 10, 2011 3:55 am

    Thanks for the detailed follow up post.

    The lengths some people will go through to make a few extra Dollars off a fake! I hope there is a special corner in Hell for such people in the afterlife Smile


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