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    Swedish Label Tag

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    Swedish Label Tag Empty Swedish Label Tag

    Post by alphaproduction Fri Jun 29, 2012 3:22 pm

    Well, i thought since there are no one opened up all sort of tag used in different swedish M90 Uniform, i would post all the tag i know and have from the previous collection

    So fellow swedish collector would know what's what

    Universial Tag - This tag was used when the garment or item does not have specific size (eg 165/700 or 185/85) they are usually supplied with S/M?L/XL Size. Item such as helmet, Combat vest and Coverall usually use this)

    Universial Tag
    Swedish Label Tag 7467979940_e2a78e3064_z

    M90/M90A Tag - This tag was used in M90 or M90A(Lining Uniform called M90P in swedish) The tag would have 2 composite material (Yttertyg : Outter Shell) and (Foder: Feed , lining)
    50/50 (Cotton/Polyester) for each

    M90P tag
    Swedish Label Tag 7467979508_a9cb668908_c

    M90L Tag - This tag is only used in M90L Shirt and trouser, composite from 1 material. They are 65/35 (Polyester/cotton)

    M90L Tag

    Swedish Label Tag 7467979794_0ac4f0b8d1_c

    M90K Desert Smock Tag - Only used in M90k Desert Coldweather Jacket (as contrast to Field jacket) They are made of 100% polymid (3 layers)

    M90K Jacket Tag
    Swedish Label Tag 7467980056_4a17aea047_c

    Last but not least M90K FieldJacket and FieldTrouser Tag - They are made of a lighter yet more absorbant material with 1 layer and no liner. The material are 88/12 (Cotton/Polyester)

    M90K (Jacket/Trouser Tag)
    Swedish Label Tag 7467980228_7ff2dd2fb1_c
    Swedish Label Tag 7467980430_3b0b2e7a69_c

    That's is it for today, i hope this help fellow Swedish Collector. I will post my entire swedish collection once i return to the US Smile Peace Out

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    Swedish Label Tag Empty Re: Swedish Label Tag

    Post by Ulvhedin311 Sat May 11, 2013 7:44 am

    The top tag indicates that the sleeping bag is on trial/evaluation (Försök- trial/prototype).
    Fjällräven is the oldest and largest producer of camping gear in Sweden.

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