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    Post by Deepdown Fri Jul 11, 2014 6:21 am

    In 2013 I took a trip to Labuan Bajo (the gateway to Komodo) in Indonesia. My hotel room faced the dock and I could see a very large Indonesian naval vessel as well as some smaller ones. The dock also seemed to be crowded with military personnel. Being curious, I walked to the dock to see what was going on. Apparently, there were a lot of KOPASKA and other naval personnel that were securing the area for a coming visit of the Indonesian President. The KOPASKA guys were very friendly and I was able to hang out with both officers and enlisted and take some pics...

    On the right are a couple of the KOPASKA guys wearing the digital multicam combat shirts. The guys on the left are KOPASKA as well, just not in uniform. Yes, those are their weapons in front.

    INDONESIAN KOPASKA 376_zps4be664d4

    INDONESIAN KOPASKA 372_zps2a28026a

    INDONESIAN KOPASKA 375_zps78ed1fd3

    INDONESIAN KOPASKA 387_zps32b27835

    INDONESIAN KOPASKA 383_zps18e63330

    Navy Tiger Stripe? I have seen this fabric being sold in a military store in Bali. Wanted to get some but didn't have the time to go back.

    INDONESIAN KOPASKA 385_zpsefe3d80c

    They were on this large ship...

    INDONESIAN KOPASKA 368_zpsb29f0f60

    It carries 4 smaller boats.

    INDONESIAN KOPASKA 370_zps3f537a82

    One of the KOPASKA guys pulled this patch off his tan ball cap and gave it to me.

    INDONESIAN KOPASKA 380_zps01971cce

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