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    Repro MkIII para helmet Project


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    Repro MkIII para helmet Project Empty Repro MkIII para helmet Project

    Post by loski Wed Sep 10, 2014 12:35 pm

    I started this project a while back when I picked up an RAC helmet shell cheap as it was a bit of a basket case I striped the paint and drilled 3 new holes  for a webbing para chin strap this involved heating the shell then drilling the hole while it was still hot The bolts to fit my home made hangers for the para chin strap are M8 brass bolts and nuts from my local Homebase, the holes from the original strap hangers were filled as was the dimple in the top.
    I then primed the helmet inside and out with metal primer when that was dry a coat of NATO green vehicle paint was applied inside and out and allowed to dry. Then a mixture of the vehicle paint and ground cork (used by railway modellers to depict grass) was daubed liberally over the outside of the shell this served two purposes to take the shine from the paint and to give the helmet a rough texture. Once this was dry I fitted the Mk5 liner a net was fitted and held in place with a piece of Land Rover inner tube.

    I was not totally happy with the Mk5 liner and when I saw that Soldier of Fortune Military had their size 55cm repro para liners on sale for £13.00 Inc shipping I grabbed one and fitted it and I must say it looks 100% better.
    All in all the entire project cost me about £50 quid.

    Repro MkIII para helmet Project ParaChinstrap_zps8c873a56
    Home made Chin strap

    Repro MkIII para helmet Project ParaHangers_zpse1f8df5c
    Home made strap hangers before holes were drilled

    Repro MkIII para helmet Project Mk5liner_zps964236de
    Mk5 liner in situ

    Repro MkIII para helmet Project Parafinish1_zpscfc065d5
    shell after the cork and paint treatment

    Repro MkIII para helmet Project 003_zps6e3a12eb
    Net and Landi inner tube in place

    Repro MkIII para helmet Project 001_zps4a322bc7
    New para liner in situ

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