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    Bergen-type rucksack


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    Bergen-type rucksack Empty Bergen-type rucksack

    Post by Wolverine Mon Jul 31, 2017 10:40 am

    Here is a recent find - an unissued ABL (I am pretty sure at least) rucksack patterned after the classic British type. This one is made with olive drab canvas and webbing, with an interior rubber coating. I suspect it is a fairly late production, but I am not sure for how many years these packs were manufactured, or who was involved in producing them. There are no markings that I can see. It is a really high-quality item.

    Bergen-type rucksack Abl_ru10
    Bergen-type rucksack Abl_ru12
    Bergen-type rucksack Abl_ru13
    Bergen-type rucksack Abl_ru11
    Bergen-type rucksack Abl_ru14

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