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    U.S. Army Webbing sets, by the book


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    U.S. Army Webbing sets, by the book Empty U.S. Army Webbing sets, by the book

    Post by CRjackson37 Wed Jun 21, 2023 4:54 pm

    I decided to post some of my US webbing set up by guidelines outlined in various U.S. Army publications. I will give the publication and date with a photo and description of the webbing. As I go through my FM's, I will set up and photograph the equipment as it appears in the drawings. I have all of the basic items from the M1956 through to the MOLLE II FLC in UCP. With the FLC I have most of the less common items too. I'm looking for an earlier FM or TM that covers the M1956 before the introduction of Nylon items and whichever publications cover the LBV88 and ELBV.

    Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment M-1956

    FM 21-15 "Care and use of individual clothing and equipment" February 15, 1977, Chapter 5

    This set includes both cotton M1956 items and Nylon M1967 items which are described in the FM. My M1956 suspenders used with this set are the later style with the Nylon inner portion. The magazine pouches and shovel carrier are the M1967 type that appeared during the Vietnam War, the other items are standard M1956. I do have the M1956 sleeping bag carrier, but I have left it out of the photo.

    U.S. Army Webbing sets, by the book 54_m1910

    Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) II
    TM 10-8465-236-10 "Operator's Manual for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) II" November 2, 2009

    MOLLE II Rifleman Configuration

    U.S. Army Webbing sets, by the book 58_mol10

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