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    82 Pattern Webbing

    Senior Sergeant
    Senior Sergeant

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    82 Pattern Webbing Empty 82 Pattern Webbing

    Post by Mk1rceme Fri Feb 25, 2011 6:56 pm

    Here is my P82 webbing. First two pics is a complete battle order...minus the bayonet and the entrenching tool which make the webbing too heavy to hang up for display if it's not on a mannequin. All the parts except a couple connecting straps are NOS. The pouches are full of extra straps, pouches, and other pieces. The third pic is all my extra pieces that wouldn't fit into the pouches plus another set haphazardly slapped together. Just noticed that I forgot to add the thermos and carrier, and gas mask bag and strap to the pic.

    82 Pattern Webbing 00114

    82 Pattern Webbing 00313

    82 Pattern Webbing 00412
    Easy Gee
    Easy Gee

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    82 Pattern Webbing Empty Re: 82 Pattern Webbing

    Post by Easy Gee Mon Feb 28, 2011 5:11 pm

    As before,very nice kit Cool

    The more I look at it ,the similarities to Brit PLCE are amazing,it reminds me of the plain green PLCE from the early 90's...very cool,thanks for sharing Cool

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