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    Reversible smock


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    Reversible smock Empty Reversible smock

    Post by british-rat Fri Dec 14, 2012 8:43 pm

    I want to show strange and interesting piece, the reversible smock. The information on this piece is limited, if not non-existent. It is known to be used in the islands by the images and videos you can see very clearly. Even Brigadier Julian Thompson, appears in a short interview, wearing this jacket. It is a piece of high quality, double closure, two pockets with Velcro cuffs and low settings, using clips, heavy waterproof fabric. There are matching pants, made exactly the same characteristics. Now raise these questions: was a garment provided to all units or only to paratroopers and Royal Marines? Although it seems as if so, would appear on more occasions. On the other hand, is a modern garment and expensive for the time, therefore, may be that was tested for or during the conflict. I rely on photographic and documentary evidence, as I saw both and there was no trace. My experience with them, I found that have a defect. Of the four I had in the collection, a bow completely stuck. The whites had become sticky and it was a disaster. Could not use it unless he wanted to always lend to me and white stain clothing. Recently, another reversible manipulating the collection, I realized that the hood and sleeves, were suffering the same "disease" presenting areas remains sticky and white pigment. In short, I think having good clothes of waterproof, both DPM as olive, rejected this garment complex. Show you some pictures of royal marines and paratroopers taking it. Greetings.
    Reversible smock ReversiblesmockPara1800x600-1
    Reversible smock ReversiblesmockparaFalklands1800x600
    Etiqueta pantalones defectuosos - Tag defective pants
    Reversible smock Trouserscombatreversible2Copiar_zps267caad2
    Julian Thompson & Royal marines
    Reversible smock Julianthompsonreversible_zps621f1eee
    Para battalion
    Reversible smock Falklands_War_DivX_Player_2007-01-09_20-06-21-67
    Royal marines
    Reversible smock 1982CliveDytorleftwhoservedintheFalklandsWarandwasawardedtheMilitaryCrossforhisactions
    Royal marines
    Reversible smock P1040427
    Reversible smock P1040228
    Royal marine ¿?
    Reversible smock Malvinas2xn1
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    Reversible smock Empty Re: Reversible smock

    Post by sh4pak Fri Dec 14, 2012 8:50 pm

    "Vacuum Reflex, Ltd."

    English-speaking countries tend to favor manufacturers with strange names, it seems. That was the case here, too, until OEF/OIF. Now, manufacturers have names like "Point-Blank," and such.

    I think I liked it better when companies like "Greenbriar" were on top...

    Oh, and that's a supercool smock too, btw. Here, where I live, it would actually be quite useful. (Arctic winters/ tropical summers...)

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