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    Belgian Jigsaw Ripstop Variants


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    Belgian Jigsaw Ripstop Variants Empty Belgian Jigsaw Ripstop Variants

    Post by CollectinSteve Mon May 28, 2018 8:19 pm

    Here are the four types of Jigsaw in ripstop that I am aware of.  Any others?

    Temperate Model, Early (1997)
    First standard uniform for all branches of the Belgian forces.  Initially it did not have a BELGIUM tape but did have a flag.  Also, the OD subdued badges did not exist so soldiers wore the full color types normally used on dress and olive green uniforms.
    Belgian Jigsaw Ripstop Variants Dsc00413

    Temperate Model, Late (2003)
    The uniform is identical to the Early type, but came with BELGIUM tape over left breast and no flag on the shoulder.  Soldiers were instructed to remove their flags from existing uniforms and put on the new BELGIUM tape.
    Belgian Jigsaw Ripstop Variants Dsc00412

    Tropical Model (2004?)
    Same basic design as the Temperate model, but made in a different cloth. Probably because of the cloth the colors are a little darker/richer than the Temperate.
    Belgian Jigsaw Ripstop Variants Dsc00415

    No-white Model (2012)
    This uniform was deliberately made without any white in it. It was supposed to become standard issue, but did that happen?  It's simlar to the Tropical Model in terms of the feel of the cloth. The colors are similar to the Tropical type.
    Belgian Jigsaw Ripstop Variants Dsc00414


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